About Us

My name is Justin McLafferty and I am the founder of Just in Time Landscaping. I am proud to say that my work always leaves my customers feeling satisfied. I have been working in this field for the past 15 years. Over the passage of time, we have not only been able to offer customers with an unparalleled service but we have also built a relationship with them by considering their needs and fulfilling them. Our experts professionally grasp your landscaping requirements, evaluate them and then provide you with the best possible and quality solutions.

Our name defines our passion for landscaping and garden care. Starting from the initial landscape design stage, and following through the installation and maintenance stage. Our complete comprehensive commercial landscape capabilities address all your landscaping needs. Our visionary “Landscape Master Plan” approach helps to guide your property through the changing seasons and into the future.

Our whole process of meeting with our clients and exceeding customer expectations is how Just In Time Landscaping has grown to one of the region’s most respected commercial landscaping firms. Our primary attention on customer service gives you the confidence that your property will be re-designed, installed, and maintained to extreme standards and beyond.

Do you need to keep your yard looking perfect? Are you looking for a high quality affordable service that does exactly that? Then let us handle your trees and shrubs. What we offer is a wide variety of different trimming programs with the sole purpose of keeping your shrubs and trees well maintained. Our team will work with you to determine the look you desire for your lawn.

We’re proud of our commitment to our clients. Join countless other families around the United States in trusting Just In Time Landscaping with your residential property maintenance needs.